Mindfulness in Pregnancy, Birthing and Life

MBCP is an evidence-based program for pregnant women, their partners, birth attendants and those who provide support. 


The course integrates mindfulness skills and practice, with childbirth and parenting education.


The Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting course has been conducted in countries across the world since the 1980's and first came to Australia in 2015. 

MBCP has been increasing in popularity as the lifelong benefits have been experienced by attendees.



Using breath and body awareness, mindfulness and mediation skills, movement, and curiosity to enhance resilience,

evolving parents develop skills for one of the most important, joyful, and stressful jobs on the planet;

that of giving birth to, and parenting the next generation.




Following completion of an MBCP course, research has shown:

Increased confidence, empathy, compassion and resilience

Increased calmness, emotional regulation, and physical relaxation

Increased mindful awareness in daily life

Improved relationships with partner and other children

Increased skills for partners to support the woman during birthing

Partners feel part of the team in the childbirth and parenting process

Learning skills to engage the mind and body to work with intense body sensations during birthing

Increased ability to slow down and respond, instead of reacting to situations

Decreased pregnancy-related stress, anxiety, and depression

Decreased fear of childbirth and parenting






Feedback from those who have completed mindfulness-based pregnancy courses with Jill


Sounds great!   What do I have to do?


Mindfulness and Meditation Practise

Change your weekly schedule to attend each class

Change your weekly schedule to include home practice — at least 30 minutes each day for 6 days per week

You may become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and body sensations; pleasant, neutral, and unpleasant

You will be facing the unknown — yourself

You will be gently challenged and grow





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