Jill Beattie

Jill Beattie

Jill is a mindfulness-based emotional fitness consultant in her Performance Enhancement Consultancy. She is also a researcher at Monash University, Victoria

Jill has a background in nursing, midwifery, education, management, research and clinical practice.

She has delivered mindfulness-based education to nurses throughout Australia and in the community.

Jill provides individual consultations for adults and children, and develops workshops to support emotional wellbeing and resilience.

Dr Beattie and her colleagues completed a clinical trial with pregnant women into the effects of mindfulness training on maternal stress, depressed mood, and present moment awareness, compared to an active control group pregnancy support program. Jill offers these programs to pregnant couples and continues to be involved in mindfulness research.

Jill has also conducted research related to workplace violence, its neurobiological „causes“ and neurobiological effects on staff.

As Research Director, Jill conducted the study: Releasing Children's Shining Potential: Improving the social and emotional wellbeing of primary school children through Journeywork. In addition, she conducted an Out of the Blue workshop evaluation on the effects of The Journey Method on depression, anxiety and stress.

Jill's Qualifications include

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Master of Nursing, Advanced Practice (MN, AdvPract)
  • Graduate Diploma in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (GradDipMiCBT)
  • Bachelor of Nursing, Education (BN, Ed)
  • Diploma in Teaching, Nurse Education (DipT.NseEd)
  • Registered Midwife (RM)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Level 1 Teacher Training Mindfulness-based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP)
  • Global Accredited TRE Provider
  • Accredited Journey Practitioner

As well as her formal degrees, Jill has undergone education and training in chronic condition self-management care planning (The Flinders Program), Cognitive Processing Therapy, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) accreditation, and Mental Health First Aid. Her studies in the Journey Method included using the tools of mindfulness, introspection, guided imagery and the Enneagram.

Feel free to contact Jill for further information.