Emotional Fitness
Balancing Physical Fitness
and Emotional Fitness

Emotional Fitness using a mindfulness-based approach

Jill uses  simple, practical, mindfulness-based techniques and tools that can be used in everyday life to improve health and wellbeing.
Just as we need to keep physically fit and well, we also need to be emotionally fit and well.


With our busy lifestyles, it is often a challenge to balance family, work, leisure, and time for peace and harmony; this can result in feelings of anxiety, loss of control, and dis-ease.


In order to 'function' daily, we often 'live in the mind' and try to ignore our feelings (emotions and body sensations). We may have little awareness of how our thoughts, emotions, body sensations and actions are all linked.


Why are we so tired all the time?  Why are we so impatient with the kids/partner/work colleagues?  Why can't we sleep?  Why do we just sit in front of the TV, flicking from one channel to the next? 


Jill Beattie Performance Enhancement Consultancy provides a range of emotional wellbeing interventions and education, management, and research services.  This mindfulness-based emotional fitness web site has been provided for those who wish to increase their understanding of:


  • the body's stress response
  • the b ody's  stress, tension and trauma release and  relaxation response 
  • how thoughts, emotions and body sensations are all linked
  • how  thoughts, emotions and body sensations influence behavours and actions
  • the practices and tools to improve emotional wellbeing and health


Individual sessions and workshops can be arranged by contacting Dr Jill Beattie

(PhD, MN, GradDipMiCBT, BN [Ed], DipT [NseED], RN, RM)


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