Emotional Fitness
Balancing Physical Fitness
and Emotional Fitness
Contents of the Full Report
  • On page 37 of the Full Report, read about how Journeywork fits within current day psychological interventions.
  • How does Journeywork fit into the Australian government social and emotional wellbeing strategy for schools?  Find out about this on page 35.
  • And how you can get your own program recognised for inclusion as one of the wellbeing programs being offered to primary schools? (Page 36)
  • Where is Journeywork being conducted in Australian primary schools and who is conducting them? (page 39)
  • Get hold of a great one-page explanation and illustration of The Journey Classroom Process provided by Journey Accredited Practitioner, Verna Nardella (Page 169).
  • Other example documents include a letter to the principal (page 151), parent invitation (template provided by Elena Arcangeli, page 167), information and consent forms – all in the Appendices of the report.
  • How did Journeywork impact on the overall emotional wellbeing of the children? (Page  73)
  • How did Journeywork impact of the children physically; their depressed and positive feelings and interpersonal relationships? Check out page 80.
  • In their own words, what did the children say they learnt? (Page 105)
  • In their own words, what did the teachers and parents say about the program and impact on the children? (Chapter 6)
  • What did the Journey Practitioners identify as the enablers and barriers to implementing Journeywork in schools? (Page113)
  • And for those of you, or those organisations wanting information about the research methods of data collection and analysis, these can all be found in Chapter 3 and 11.
  • Statistical results can be found in Chapter 5.
  2010, Jill Beattie Enahncement Consultancy