Emotional Fitness
Balancing Physical Fitness
and Emotional Fitness
Releasing Children's Shining Potential:
Improving the Social and Emotional Wellbeing
of Primary School Children Through Journeywork

What if there were tools and programs that we could use to improve the health and wellbeing of our children?

What if we could use these tools to improve our own health and wellbeing?

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In 2009, four practitioners conducted a social and emotional wellbeing program for children in a primary school in metropolitan Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
The program used Journeywork strategies and tools: Mindfulness, guided introspection, imagery. Read An Extract From the Report.
In collaboration with the practitioners: Suzanne Dowd, Susan Leeder-Morale, Cecile George and Jan Henderson, Dr Jill Beattie conducted research into the impact of the program on the emotional wellbeing of the children. The report of the study is now available. The funds in time, resources and materials were provided by Jill Beattie, Suzanne Dowd, Susan Leeder-Morale, Cecile George and Jan Henderson from their own businesses.   
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